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Looking for a Cheap Furniture Removal Gold Coast? Our hourly rate varies however our overall total will generally be less than most others because we do not have hidden costs or additional costs within the Gold Coast suburbs.


Yes, when enquiring about prices, be sure to ask about other charges and costs. You may well find a company that ia also a Cheap Furniture Removal Gold Coast charging even less than us but REMEMBER THIS: The cheaper the hourly rate charge, the less they profit. This means they will need to make up their prices elsewhere and this is where a lot of clients get stung.

With our fixed hourly rate, you can be assured we have your budget covered with no additional bill surprises at the end turning us a Cheap Furniture Removal Gold Coast option.

We will save you $$ by not charging for:

  • No depot to depot charge within the Gold Coast area. Our time starts and finishes at your door.
  • No additional travel charge
  • No toll charges
  • No stairs or access fees
  • No heavy item fees such as pool tables and gym sets etc
  • No additional charges for packing material. All packing supplies are sold at retail price
  • No rounding up to the nearest hour or half hour *

* To be fair on our professional removalists we require a minimum call out service of 2 hours. Our time is then rounded to the nearest 15 minute increment thereafter. If preferred, you may also request the extra assistance of additional professional removalist at an additional price of $29 per hour.

Our fair hourly rate includes:

  • Two strong and fit professional removalists (non smokers)
  • 40m3 truck
  • Transit insurance
  • Travel time within GC suburbs
  • Tolls
  • Access fees
  • Heavy item fees
  • GST
  • Quality protection pads
  • And of course quality service.

You have the freedom to help as much or as little as you like to help reduce the final cost OR … You can sit back, relax and watch, while our team of experts take care of the move for you.

Contact our office and enquire about any promotional deals we may have on offer!

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Transit insurance is included in our flat hourly rate which covers you in extreme situations that may occur while in transport such as theft, pilferage or non-delivery accidental loss or damage during loading and unloading.

There will be an excess charge for claims made. Please click here for information on the policy.

Although our removal professionals will take the utmost care with your belongings, sometimes there are circumstances that are out of our control where your items may be at risk. We like to keep everything we do open, legal and straight forward, therefore we leave full protection insurance to the professionals.

Please be aware that by law, removalists are unable to insure your individual items, due to the fact that they are not licensed insurance brokers.

If your own household insurance does not provide you with the cover you need, we recommend you take out all risk insurance with CARTS Removal Insurers by visiting their website www.removalinsurance.com

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