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Hints and Tips to Save You Money when contracting Furniture Removalists Gold Coast 

Contracting Furniture Removalists Gold Coast without a plan, your move could be the cause of a lot of stress and can increase your budget dramatically due to lack of organisation.

With our simple hints and tips, there is no reason why your move cannot be a swift and exciting experience instead.

PLEASE NOTE: These are only tips and not requirements for your move. The below information is provided for those who wish to save time and money with the removalists. We have no problem assisting in all and every aspect of your move to fulfil a stress-free relocation.

Plan and organise items before our Furniture Removalists Gold Coast team arrive

When we begin the removal process, we start loading the truck with all the big bulky items such as draws, TV cabinet’s etc. We use these as a base for the boxes and the lighter items. If these items are stored somewhere we have easy access to e.g. garage, ground level, this will save time & you money.

SAVE approximately 10-15 minutes removal time.

Next we load boxes. All boxes should be taped top and bottom to ensure all contents are safe and secure. Mark the contents on the top as well as the room you wish it to be placed in upon arrival. Using durable removal boxes make packing and un-packing the truck a lot faster and neater which make it less likely to move in transit. If all boxes and small items are stored in the room closest to where the truck will be parked (shed, lounge, dining room), this will save time & money.

SAVE approximately 15-20 minutes removal time.

Disassembling of items and preparation of white goods

The disassembling and reassembling of items is a standard service we offer. This service is NOT charged at an additional price but is included in our hourly rate. Items of furniture that require this service should be advised upon booking to ensure we have the necessary equipment on move day. Dis-assembly of all necessary items (beds especially) prior to our arrival will save you time & money. Taping bed slats together is also ideal for moving.

SAVE approximately 30-40 minutes removal time.

Fridges/Freezers/Washing machines. Again we have no issue in handling these items on arrival but if you wish to save money, you could prepare the following before we arrive:

Fridges: Remove all food from the fridge. The drip tray at the back of the fridge should also be emptied so it doesn’t leak while in transit. If required, we can load the fridge near the end of the truck so it will be the first off.
Washing Machine: Disconnect all hoses completely from the taps and washer. If the taps are not fully disconnected from the washer, built up water will be retained in the hose which is likely to leak in transit causing damage to goods.

Unloading of furniture

Handling of smaller, lighter items can sometimes be the most time consuming factor in moving. Assistance with moving these items from the back of the truck to its allocated spot at the destination can save a substantive amount of time. Due to health and safety reasons, our customers are restricted from entering the removal truck. If you wish to reduce removal time to minimise your final bill, we will allocate a spot at the end of the truck for the smaller items for you to carry.

SAVE approximately 30-40 minutes removal time.