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It is known that a solid foundation is what determines the stability of any structure, this is why we have built our company on ethical standards of practice. It is with this in mind why all Removalists who seek to commence work within Saints Removals – Removal Services Gold Coast are tried and tested in 3 categories before they start.

  1.  Manners and Respect. Not only does this create a harmonious and fun work environment to be in, but it encourages great team work skills, and communication which then allows the Removal Services at hand to get done in the most efficient and painless way possible.
  2. Physical and Mental. It is no surprise that in this line of work, it is not suitable for all. With this in mind, we endeavor to only send out trained and physically abled removalists to ensure the Removal Service get done, and gets done in a safe manner. As a courteous company, we have not, and will never, send out a walk in / fill in removalist who has not gone through our full training. Not only are we putting his well being at risk, but also that of his work mate(s) with the added possibility of damaging a customer’s valuable.
  3. Customer Service. Happy and satisfied customers are definitely the most important piece to our foundation on which we look to build and grow. Without this, we wouldn’t be around too long providing Removal Services on the Gold Coast. Here at Saints Removals we know moving is a stressful time, that is why we take it upon ourselves to eliminate it from your move, and with that absent naturally comes our happy and satisfied customers full of praise. Which we all know, Everyone Likes Praise and Gratitude.

We have designed and molded this training system over the years, and it has given us the opportunity to provide a consistent high level of service. As a reputable company, we provide full transit insurance. Please note this does not cover accidental damages. This cover can be found in your house and contents policy or alternatively you can contact removals insurance Toll Free on 1300 880 253 or (61) 03- 98873560.   Transit insurance covers

  • Loss of damage to goods following a collision
  • Loss or damage to goods caused by overturning of the vehicle
  • Loss or damage to goods caused by fire and explosion
  • Loss of damage to goods caused by lightning or flood
  • Accidental damage to goods if vehicle not involved in a collision or overturning if there is no proof of negligence but something is missing or damaged
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Why Choose Us

Have you heard those unfortunate stories about people attempting to move themselves and their valuables being damaged in the process? Or have you heard the stories about removal companies who have left their customers dissatisfied or out of pocket We have heard these stories too, and that is why we are here to help you.


Saving money with our NO HIDDEN COST guarantee.




Moving with an experienced, professional and dedicated team.


Your belongings being safe, being secured with high quality protection pads.


Being covered by our transit insurance for piece of mind.


Outstanding service and value for money.


For all your Removal Services Gold Coast contact Saints Removals

Our team of Removalists Gold Coast

Our Team – Removal Services Gold Coast

One of a company’s biggest assets is, by far, its employees. That is why we are proud to have selected and retained a team of trustworthy, polite and dedicated individuals. Complimented by our experienced staff and extensive industry knowledge, your move can be facilitated by our friendly team who together share many years of experience with local Removal Services Gold Coast. Our sales and administration staff are the nuts and bolts of our company. They organise all the bits and pieces of your move and put it together to create a smooth moving process. Our professional removalists are the frontline and engine of our company. They are the ones who you let into your homes and work place to relocate your belongings and to complete the removal services. We invest a lot of time into our removalists to ensure they are skilfully trained in safe work practice to maximise the protection of your goods. You can be assured that you will receive the quality of service you deserve and expect from a professional removal service such as Saints Removals.